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An economist, entrepreneur and political commentator, I'm Founder and Chairman of JML, the consumer goods company. I'm also Chairman of Labour Leave, Chairman of the Pound Campaign, and Secretary of the Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign.

I’m proud to be Chairman of JML, a well-known British company which was recently picked out as being among the 150 most dynamic companies in all of Europe. Both as a businessperson and Labour Party veteran, I've fought successfully for the UK to vote to Leave the European Union and will continue to fight for radical change in Britain's economic and trade policy.

I've been in business for more than 50 years. In that time I've seen hundreds of proud, successful British manufacturing firms forced out of existence and thousands of jobs shipped off to Asia. I've seen skilled manual jobs all-but disappear and areas of Britain that were once thriving and full of hope are now effectively redundant.

We need politicians from all parties to start considering a new economic and political strategy; one that brings business and jobs back to Britain.

In my opinion, as sterling has devalued to a more competitive level since the EU Referendum, there is every chance that manufacturing can now start to recover, investment in our future productivity will start to increase and, in the longer term, there will be less unemployment. I believe we now have the means to raise our growth rate incrementally on a sustainable basis, with rising living standards, more equality and no need for the austerity policies to cut the government deficit.

Recent press

Labour's uncritical stance of EU fuelled Brexit support among voters
Posted 22 August 2016

Eurosceptic donor tells IBTimes UK he wants Labour to attack the Tories over the 'unbalanced' economy.

Labour donor says sterling should drop to dollar parity
Posted 18 August 2016

Labour's largest individual donor is calling on the party to consider deliberate currency devaluation to drive manufacturing growth outside of the South East.

Labour Future: Post-Brexit vote pressure group launched to help party 're-engage' with working class
Posted 18 August 2016

Sources tell IBTimes UK that entrepreneur John Mills has setup the group to help the party get elected.

Labour voters should care about keeping sterling down
Posted 17 August 2016

Since the late 1970s, UK manufacturing has been in terminal decline. Successive governments, including Labour, have ignored our industrial base in favour of the service sector – especial financial services.

A bright industrial future beckons, but not as part of the single market
Posted 13 August 2016

Today, post-Brexit, one of the biggest questions facing the UK is whether our industry has the strength to help our economy survive and thrive.

A weak pound is good for British industry
Posted 11 August 2016

Far from being an economic disaster, the recent post-Brexit fall in the value of Sterling signals a potential new beginning for Britain's declining industrial base, argues John Mills.

Labour's troubles "worse than the eighties": A veteran donor on the leadership race and Brexit
Posted 2 August 2016

John Mills praised "open-minded" Owen Smith but warned against a second referendum.

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There Is An Alternative

There Is An Alternative: An economic strategy for 2015  by John Mills

The economic recovery has finally taken hold, but serious doubts remain about its strength, its sustainability and its ability to deliver improved living standards for all.

In this hard-hitting critique of the UK's growth prospects, entrepreneur and economist John Mills warns that the current economic model is unsustainable and risks years of stagnation.

" is time to take Mills' arguments seriously. Otherwise, we could soon be back to the traditional British pattern of a recovery which is already doomed from the start..."
- Roger Bootle, Daily Telegraph

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