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An economist, entrepreneur and political commentator, I'm Founder and Chairman of JML, the consumer goods company. I'm also Chairman of Labour Leave & Labour Future, Chairman of the Pound Campaign, and Secretary of the Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign.

Call to Action by John Mills and Bryan Gould

The UK economy is on the edge of disaster – GDP growth is unsustainable, debt is increasing, inequality is widening and unemployment is high. But all of these trends can be reversed by moving a few crucial levers in economic policy.

This book offers a bold manifesto for how we can get the economy back on track.

In this vital and timely call to action, leading economist and entrepreneur John Mills and political thinker Bryan Gould provide a searing critique of the decisions behind current UK economic policy and provide a clear, step-by-step account of how to revive it, with little or no increase in inflation.

Things cannot go on as they are – this book offers a fresh roadmap to improve our quality of life and secure Britain’s economic stability for future generations.

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Watch the Call to Action book launch (16 March 2015)

'Call To Action: Britain's Economic Problems and How They Can Be Solved' was launched at the Royal Society of Arts on Monday 16 March 2015. At the event, co-author John Mills, economist and chairman of JML, was interviewed by economist and journalist Liam Halligan, author of the award-winning 'Economics Agenda' column in The Sunday Telegraph.

Roger Bootle

"We desperately need radical thinking about how to rebalance the UK economy. This book provides it."
Roger Bootle, Capital Economics

Matthew Parris

"An alarming book with a shockingly simple proposal, by two men who know their business."
Matthew Parris, The Times

Austin Mitchell MP

"Only a competitive exchange rate can now allow us to rebuild the powerful manufacturing base Britain needs to pay our way in the world. Unless Call to Action is heeded and followed by the next government, the long miserable decline goes on."
Austin Mitchell MP

Professor John Black

"A cure has to be found to the UK’s main economic problem – the balance of payments deficit. Devaluation could eliminate this, raise employment and cut the government deficit"
Professor John Black

Damon de Laszlo

"John Mills and Bryan Gould have done the SME sector of British industry a great service in analysing the headwinds that have undermined UK manufacturing since the war. Both Labour and Conservative governments have talked of the importance of manufacturing industry but have never really understood its needs."
Damon de Laszlo, Chairman, Economic Research Council

Ruth Lea CBE

"There are serious imbalances in the economy which cannot and should not be ignored. A debate on how they are addressed is long overdue. I very much welcome this book, as a positive and thought-provoking contribution to such a debate."
Ruth Lea CBE

Professor Robert Aliber

"There is something in the water supply that has led the policy establishment to believe that a high price for the pound, buttressed by selling UK assets, is good for the British economy. Call to Action highlights the immense cost to British employment and the government deficit of this mindless acceptance of inward investment.”
Professor Robert Aliber

Lord Vinson

"I am delighted to endorse this timely work. I personally witnessed what happened when bank rate was raised to 17% on 15th November 1979. Sterling rocketed, destroying exports and consequently bankrupting swathes of British industry."
Lord Vinson

The Real Sterling Crisis

The Real Sterling Crisis: Why the UK needs a policy to keep the exchange rate down  by Roger Bootle & John Mills

The fall in the value of sterling since Brexit has commentators wringing their hands. But why are so many so quick to assume that a cheaper pound is a bad thing?

In this thought-provoking critique, two of the UK’s leading economists explain how our overinflated currency has affected every part of our society and why the real sterling crisis is not that the pound has fallen but that it has been too high for too long.

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